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FarmHouse Fraternity was founded in 1905 at the University of Missouri by seven agriculture students. The name, FarmHouse, was chosen to signify the strong family values that the fraternity strives to achieve, rather than the stereotypical traits of traditional Greek-named fraternities. The NDSU Chapter was chartered in 1955 with seven active members.

Soon after being chartered, the NDSU Chapter moved into a large family home across the street from campus at 1144 College St., which remains the Chapters’ address. The original house, which held around 12 men, was expanded in 1966 to increase membership to around 35 men. The original Chapter house was removed in 2009 to finish construction of the current chapter house, which is home for over 40 members.

FarmHouse International Fraternity, including the NDSU Chapter, has sustained a goal of academic excellence throughout its history, often maintaining a grade point average of first or at least among the top fraternities on campus. Developing life-long leadership skills through chapter activities and extracurricular organizations on campus is fostered by chapter leaders. Spiritual and moral development is encouraged through activities of personal choice. FarmHouse chapters, both local and national, continue to uphold our values and strive to keep our facilities and activities alcohol-free.

Since its modest beginning in April 1905, FarmHouse has flourished in the 110+ years since. Today, FarmHouse is proud of our agricultural heritage and celebrates our origins; however, just as the face of agriculture has diversified, so has our membership, our programs, the majors of our students, and the careers our alumni pursue.

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